Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dammit Janet, I love you

i just got the part of janet in rocky horror picture show!!!! i'm VERY excited!!! i can't wait to start rehearsals!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Spammers Beware

in order to fix the last post's comments, i had to "hide" them. I've also gone into the control panel & made it so that only members of this blog can comment. that should fix the problem.

Monday, August 15, 2005

law school: it begins.

well...i've been a little delinquent on posting here, but i've been rather busy. i moved to st. louis on august 1st...i haven't finished settling in or setting up my room yet (there's no motivation to buy a bed when my boyfriend lives next door), but i've been having a great time just recuperating and meeting people. law school orientation started properly today, but there were a few coffee hours, and a party that someone i met at coffee threw last weekend, in order to let me meet people in the class before orientation even started. i love wash u so much...the people here are nice, and as snooty a reputation as the law school experience has, there's nothing snooty or stuffy about this place. even the deans were laid back when giving their welcome speeches today at the matriculation ceremony.

i'm really excited about starting law school...i love meeting new people, and i know wash u is going to be a great place for me. i don't start class proper until monday, although i have a little reading to do for a "discussion on professionalism" tomorrow. other than that, though...the end of this week i'm going to buy my books and my computer, and then i'll be ready to roll!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Last Day...

Today is my last day at the bank. Needless to say, I am very excited. :) And oddly enough, time is actually going by pretty fast. The whole morning was really busy. I can't wait for tomorrow, though; I'm very excited about starting my new job.
In response to Nikki the Red, I don't have a whole lot going on. Last weekend J and I went to Ventura for lunch-there's this little pizza place up there that has THE BEST PIZZA IN THE WORLD! I'm not joking. It's practically orgasmic. This weekend we're going to Magic Mountain (an amusement park) with a friend of mine from work, and Saturday is my cousin's wedding. I'm hoping to go to the beach one more time before school starts; we'll see if that actually happens. My life is boring. :)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

how have you been?

(i'm copying you sarah)

What have you been up to? I need details. My life is so boring.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I'm reading (yet another) book about the whole Anna Anderson/Anastasia Romanov mystery. I've read a lot about it, because unsolved mysteries tend to bother me a whole bunch, so I do as much research as I can to figure it out for myself. The thing that I find most interesting is that all of her biographers start out assuming that she was a fraud, and the more research they do, the more they're convinced that she was the real thing. I think she was. There's too much information that she had that no one else possibly could have known, not to mention all of the physical similarities. They did this ear test at one point; they check 17 points on the ear against a picture, and if you have 8 (I think?) that are the same, that proves you're the person in question. Anna Anderson had 12 matching points to a picture they had of Anastasia as a little girl. The other really interesting thing I found was that, according to Anna Anderson, Alexandra actually had six children; in between Anastasia and Alexis there was another daughter who was adopted. There was a lot of turmoil going on in Russia at the time, and Nicholas and Alexandra knew they needed to have a boy (someone to take over the throne), so they never even told anyone that Alexandra was pregnant, and when the baby was born, they sent her in secrecy to this farmer and his family.
And yes, I really liked the animated movie version that came out a few years ago. :) Not really historically accurate, but fun, and the songs were awesome.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Screw Florida! Hello Punta Cana!!

Here's what I posted on my site. Since I'm gushing, I'll post this here too!

SOOO excited! screw Orlando, FL, I'm (hopefully) going to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for 8 days/7 nights with m for $656.00 per person!!! That price includes the 7 nights at the all-inclusive resort & full round-trip airfare from Cincinnati, OH. The only hitch is that we have to drive an hour & 1/2 to the airport & find somewhere to stow our car for a week. I don't know anyone who lives in cincy anymore, except maybe the other nikki, and I only know her in theory. Here is the resort we'll be staying in. I do wish it was an adults-only place, but for the price, I'll suffer through it! Check out the pictures & take the virtual tour! I'm so excited. I'll know by tomorrow morning if m can take off the dates (either leaving sept 9th or sept 16th) or not. Cross your fingers for me.