Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Sarah - I say go for it. If you have no one else around, at least you are enjoying yourself with someone rather than being alone. As for ruining a friendship, I think that a strong friendship can survive it, even if there is a lag of discomfort in the middle if it doesn't work out. And, if it does work out, then you'll be able to laugh at each other about why you didn't act sooner.

Nik - Hows your boyfriend feeling? Though it sucks that he was sick, at least you got time together.

As for me, well, I made a good choice this week, I think. So far. My ex contacted me out of the blue. Turns out that his wife started cheating on him only after he was married for a year. They are separated, waiting on the dissolution paperwork to go through. He didn't plan to seek me out, but came across my photo and thought "What the hell? Why not try?" So, he came over....last night was the first time we saw each other in 4 years. Some things never change. Just relaxed, watched a movie. He came straight from a ball game, so he was only here about 10 minutes when he went to take a shower while I cooked dinner. Guess you don't fall out of comfort. So, I hope that it goes somewhere. I am not yet sure if thats because its him, or because its just someone. I haven't had a boyfriend in 2 years, so I am a little anxious. But, so far so good, so who knows. Not getting my hopes up yet, but we will see =) Have a great week, everyone. And boo to Nikki who is in Cali, away from the rain and crappy Ohio weather. Nah, for real, I hope its the best vaca ever! XO


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