Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Really? I didn't think it could get stranger

OK girls. Boy problems, Sarah? Sorry to hear that. Hope that they are at least logical. If so, then you are a step ahead of me. So, trying to keep a long story short. 2000, met a boy. His name's Les. Les was dating Donna for a while, then they split and he and I dated. You could call it serious...lived together, classes together, rode to work together....I thought he was the one. Didn't see it coming when he left me and got back with her. Broken hearted. They have since married. At least it worked out, so he didn't leave me for nothin'. Last contact: asked for a recipe via email, August 30, 2002. Fast forward to 2005. He's married, and from running into his sister, he is happy. She can't have kids, so they are considering adopting. Realized that I was actually happy for him......thereby over it. Get a message yesterday out of the blue in reply to my personals ad. Ad is called "Can I stop kissing frogs yet?" Implies all me pre-prince are frogs. Message I got says "So, are you saying I'm a frog? Bet you never thought you would hear from me again did ya? How are you doing? Les" What the hell do I do with that??


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