Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Ok, the short story...

Nikki-if you go to my livejournal, I have a pretty cute user icon there that's me :)

The boy issues...I won't go entirely into it because I always get so suspicious of who's looking at what online (hey, I'm guilty of reading the livejournals of students that I've advised), but here's the short story (if you want to know more, either IM me or get on LJ to read :))...

So...there's this boy back home. I've been friends with him for a few years now. He's a really good guy, and even though we've never really been terribly close, we seem to always have fun when we hang out. Especially now that I'm not living there, each time I've been home thus far (3 times) we've done something together, and there's only 3 other people I can say that about (my best friend and her husband, and my mom). Anyway, we went to a wedding together and had a fun time, and I invited him to come here, and it sounds like it's probably going to work out.

I guess it's just this big feeling of confusion. I do think he's a great guy, and would probably be fun to date-but I have no clue how he feels and I'm too chicken to bring it up in case it turns into rejection. If it ruined a friendship, I think I'd probably end up hating myself in a lot of ways for the end, I just want him to be happy.

I just have to convince myself not to overanalyze the situation, and to enjoy it for what it's worth at that moment.


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