Friday, May 13, 2005


i TOTALLY got confused when i saw the last post from nikki. i was like, "did i write that?" THEN i remembered there's more than 1 nikki on here. hehe.

things have been crazy around here. i'm working both my jobs and have been doing a play. it runs for another month. on top of that, my eating disorder is trying to work its way back in the door. the hardest moment thus far came yesterday around 3 pm. i'd held out and hadn't eaten up to that point. i knew that if i continued to keep strong, i could start the process. i talked to a coworker about my struggle and she went and microwaved me a healthy choice meal. i just couldn't bring myself to do it. once she'd made it, then i could eat it. i know it sounds stupid. does anyone else have issues like this? i thought i'd conquered this one already. guess demons never truly go away.


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