Wednesday, March 30, 2005

stuff, stuff, stuff... busy and stressed out lately. i started a new job last, in addition to barcoding books at the law library, i'm also waiting tables. i like that so much better than barcoding (although i'm still doing both right now). when i'm waitressing, at least i get to talk to people--something i can't do at the library job.

i've already got a gem of a story from last week. we had a rude table of high schoolers...they mouthed at me and the waitress who was training me, they didn't leave a tip...that kind of ilk. but, one of them was really funny. he ordered the hot wings...let me reiterate, he ordered HOT wings for dinner. he gets the hot wings, and when we return to ask if his food is okay, he demands we take the wings back because they are hot, because he didn't know they were going to be hot.

as ridiculous as any of my customers from here on out may be, it's going to be hard to beat the guy who got pissed off that his hot wings were hot.


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