Sunday, March 13, 2005


Sorry everyone, I haven't really been around all that much lately...I'm on my spring break now, though, so I have a bit more free time. Not a whole lot has been going on though...I did put a new layout up at my domain, but that was really the extent of what I did today.

There hasn't been a whole lot new lately...working on a lot of papers, getting stuff ready for this summer...I did just find out the other day that my rent here is going up $75 at the end of my lease, so I've gotta find a new apartment before the end of May :( I probably will also need to find a place to store my stuff over the summer, since I'd rather move out of here early and stay in VA longer than have to come back to move out of here. Plus, maybe if I can be completely out by June 1st, they could either rent this early, or in July, and save me some money...there's a shot...


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