Thursday, February 17, 2005

inlaws/bf's parents/family

it would be a tremendous transition to gain a new family, nikki. it's already difficult when you're just dating a guy to understand his extended family and to fit in. my first serious bf, whom i dated for 4 years, was the 8th kid. not only did i have to impress his parents (who were my grandparent's age), but his 7 siblings and their families as well. that was a difficult task. his mother was an alcoholic and his father was very sick and barely spoke. it was always awkward. his sister, who was married to a guy and had a son, was always kind of hitting on me. my bf told me he suspected she'd dabbled in both ends of the sexual spectrum b4. my next serious bf only has a mother. for some reason she liked me, and still does. my current bf, of 2 years, has a mother who never remarried, and a dad and a step mom. i get along quite well with his dad and step mom, but i don't think his mother likes me very much. i don't think it's me personally, but more that i'm taking her son away from her type of thing. she never remarried and expects my bf to spend his days off at her house doing husbandy-type things for her. it's strange. this causes a lot of angst for my bf. i try to be supportive as best i can, but i know that when we get married (notice i said "when" instead of "if") things will be strained as far as our relationship with her.


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