Friday, February 11, 2005


erin--email me your cell again. i lose things like that all the time.
nicolle--congrats on getting into law school!
other nikki--do you have any pics of your new house?

life has been quite busy for me lately. i'm looking forward to sleeping all day sat. i'm working 2 jobs, rehearsing 1 play, have a readthru for another play this weekend and auditions for a musical on sunday. i'm also trying to get a new job, which means leaving the security of the other one. scary. i think i've found a place that i actually want to work! it's an insurance agents association, so i'd still be working in the same field. instead of working with the general public, which can be very tedious at times, i'd be working with agents. sounds more appealing to me. i had my first interview on wed which went very well. my 2nd interview is this coming wed. they gave me a packet of benefits and such to look over. i'll check it out this weekend. i also have to memorize my lines for the play this weekend. i only have a few, but i need to get cracking.


At 10:20 PM, Blogger Nikki said...

can i post pictures somewhere? did we ever post pictures of all of us somewhere?


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