Tuesday, February 08, 2005

general happiness

first of all, my boyfriend is feeling much better. i'm sad because i had to leave last night to go home to chicago (the old j-o-b...i had to return to work), but at least he's feeling much better. he's just about his old self again, which makes me happy. i'm glad i got to spend a week and a half with him, and be with him through last week...but i still want to see him again soon, when he's feeling good and i'm feeling good and we can go do fun, silly stuff. :)

another development on my front...one of my biggest stresses over the last six months has been the idea of applying to law school, but i found out this morning that i got into wash u, my top choice law school! :) that makes me so happy, it's such a huge weight off my shoulders. st. louis, here i come!!!


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