Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My List

Sounds like we are all getting ready for the fun of the holidays. As for me, I am the child of a broken home, so I have the challenge of keeping everyone happy. I don't think that they get it... Christmas for me is about watching the kids that still believe in Santa. I can share / enjoy the holidays with the adults on any day of the season (day before or after). My family all thinks I should be visiting on Christmas Day. So, I will be doing a lot of compromising and running around to keep them all a glow. So, I guess my first wish is that everyone behaves and we don't have too much family drama. As for my actual gift list, I asked Dad for an IPod, but he hates to see you open just one gift, so we will see if he comes through. I actually asked mom for small power tools, as I hope to get a few of the jobs at the condo done early in the year so that I can put it on the market. I think that I am ready to buy a house. One that not only do I have a mortgage for, but I have to have a lawnmower for, too. The dog deserves a backyard, and I can finally afford it. I threatened to quit my job last month and my boss, who can't live without me, agreed to pay me what the people who were offering me new jobs offered to pay me. So, I am the only person in the company getting a raise this year. (Salary freezes suck!!) But for me, I am not half way to triple digits - woohoo! When you don't have a husband and kids to enjoy, at least the career is going in the right direction!

OK I will stop rambling. (Thats the greatest part of this blogging thing. I can talk people's ears off and they really don't have to listen!)

Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday. Merry Christmahanakwanzaka! (There, that should either offend everyone or cover everyone!)


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