Thursday, September 29, 2005

law school...coming along...

i can't believe i've been in law school for six weeks, and that i've been living in saint louis for two months already.

this time is going by so fast. i'm already worrying about outlining courses, and i have a midterm coming up in a couple weeks. (of course, worrying about outlining, and actually starting my course outlines, are two different things.) we had a sample final exam question that we hashed out today in my property class.

all of this is better than barcoding books and waiting tables, but there is a new set of problems. see, no matter what i did at those jobs, i got paid. in law school, there's the curve...and that means i have to beat out large swaths of my classmates in order to get a good grade. the fact that they don't publish ranks below the top third doesn't comfort me at all...i don't want to be Just Outside The Top Third (yes, that's a catch phrase here). i want to be right up top, although i know for sure there is no way that is going to happen.

despite all the stress of school, i do enjoy being here. i really love living right down the street from my boyfriend, as opposed to living five hours away. i say right down the street...but he stays at my place all the time anyway, i swear we may as well be living together, except for the fact that he keeps his stuff at his place, and pays rent on his place. he does all his sitting around and hanging out and watching TV at my place...which makes me happy, because i'd feel like it was such a waste if i was being lazy in one place, and he was being lazy in another.


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