Monday, August 15, 2005

law school: it begins.

well...i've been a little delinquent on posting here, but i've been rather busy. i moved to st. louis on august 1st...i haven't finished settling in or setting up my room yet (there's no motivation to buy a bed when my boyfriend lives next door), but i've been having a great time just recuperating and meeting people. law school orientation started properly today, but there were a few coffee hours, and a party that someone i met at coffee threw last weekend, in order to let me meet people in the class before orientation even started. i love wash u so much...the people here are nice, and as snooty a reputation as the law school experience has, there's nothing snooty or stuffy about this place. even the deans were laid back when giving their welcome speeches today at the matriculation ceremony.

i'm really excited about starting law school...i love meeting new people, and i know wash u is going to be a great place for me. i don't start class proper until monday, although i have a little reading to do for a "discussion on professionalism" tomorrow. other than that, though...the end of this week i'm going to buy my books and my computer, and then i'll be ready to roll!