Wednesday, July 20, 2005

my thoughts

1. the whole katie holmes/tom cruise thing makes me want to bop him in the face as well. i just feel sorry for katie for being sucked into all of this. there was an article i read on their "love" and everything katie said sounded programmed, things like "he's dreamy" "he's a dream come true" "he treats me like a prince." gag. poor thing is speaking some new Disney language the rest of us aren't.

2. i think that using movie promotion time to slander people (brooke shields) who have depression (the entire world) is pretty darn stupid. focus on the movie, NOT ON YOUR OPINIONS OF THE PEOPLE WHO PAY TO WATCH YOUR MOVIES.

3. like ms k, i have a friend whose family was broken up due to scientology. he was raised that way. his dad was a doctor & had the money to join. his mom wanted out of it, so they got divorced. it was right before my friend bob went to college. when i met him at college, i had just started taking prozac for depression. our first conversation was a huge fight as to whether people should take medication or not. it got quite heated. he eventually figured out, or decided, that he'd been brainwashed for a long time & that he needed to make up his own mind about things. now we're great friends. his dad still won't even acknowledge his existence.


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