Wednesday, July 20, 2005

tom cruise/scientology--what do YOU think?

ms k. i am LOVING the pic of you with the rubber ducky on your head! cracks me up.

i still have insomnia, but my moods are getting more level. yea for medication. screw tom cruise. he has dyslexia. i'm sure that's some kind of chemical/signal issue with the brain. how is that different than people with chemical imbalances/signal problems that effect their moods? just had to spout for a second.

on that subject, does anyone have any thoughts negative or positive on the subject of tom cruise? scientology? i'd love to know what other people think. i'm trying to view them separate from one another.


At 11:09 AM, Blogger Nikki said...

I have to admit, the scientologists scare me. At my last job, my building was right next to a huge Scientology store front, and people stood outside nonstop for blocks passing out flyers and generally harrassing people about becoming the best person you can be.

However, there were hoards of people from this "store" in the alley at anytime, smoking like fiends. It always seemed ironic to me.

MANY of them were foreigners and could barely speak English. But it was just impossible to get away from them within a 4 block radius.

At 12:16 PM, Blogger Ms K said...

I have several comments on that issue:
1) I try to view them seperately as well. Not that I am a big Cruise fan (used to be one way back when he was HOTTT in Top Gun) but I wouldn't go so far as to boycott movies he's in just because he is a Scientologist. Isn't John Travolta one too? The thing that does annoy me though and which makes me want to boycott their movies is that Scientology lives from their money - so I'm really torn here.

2) As far as Scientlogy is concerned, I have quite some experience with them myself as they were responsible for destroying a friend's family (mother and daughter were Scientologists, father left family and brother later too) and they also took that friend away from me in a way.
This was when I was still in high school and friends with this really bright funny girl who had issues because her parents had split up (due to Sc.). Instead of getting her real counselling, she took some sessions with Sc., then started working for them (like her mother) and within one summer was so brainwashed that she dropped out of high school to work for Sc. (this was after 11th grade and she was among the top 10 students of the school!). She also never spoke to any of her friends again.
That episode made me hate Sc. so much because they took my best friend from me...
I was also really scared of them for a long time.
Now I don't feel threatened by them anymore because I know I wouldn't fall for their tricks because I learned about them...
Also, where I am from, Sc. is classified as "cult" and not religion, which means that they are not officially recognized as religion, thus making their status a little more difficult than in the US.
They are some scary organization though.

PS: Nikki (the red) - I'm glad the picture makes you giggle!!

At 12:30 PM, Blogger lccb144 said...

Having had the hugest crush on Katie Holmes, I now slightly despise Tom Cruise.
As for Scientology, or any other belief structure for that matter, I'm usually ok with until it starts criticizing or demeaning, really, my way of life or my family/friends way of life. I know quite a few people who take anti-depressants (sp?) or anti-anxiety meds and their lives are so much better for it. To make a blanket statement about those kinds of meds or psychiatry in some ways offends me. Tom Cruise can disagree with the way some people choose to address depression or anxiety, but to openly criticize them on national TV?!?! OK, I think I got worked up enough...

So I guess that means that Tom Cruise and how he chooses to practice Scientology are not my favorite. (I'm never quite sure about the grammar of a sentence like that!)


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