Thursday, July 07, 2005

st. louis and all that...

it's been forever since i've posted, but...gasp...stuff has actually happened!

i'm in st. louis right now. i haven't moved here yet...i'm going back to chicago tomorrow. but, i'm moving into my new place august first. i have a wonderful new apartment and a new roommate. my apartment is shiny and pretty and new, with conveniences like a brand new stove, a ginormous kitchen, and--the make-or-break amenity in st. louis--central air conditioning. it's also two buildings down from my boyfriend's place, right on his street.

today i met a few random incoming students in my class...even though i'd already found housing, we went to housing day so i could meet some people, and so my boyfriend could maybe find a roomie. his roomie is moving out into a one bedroom, so he needs a new roommate by august first so he doesn't have to find a new place and move. he talked to a few people...but most people seemed to be taken, or moving into one-bedroom places from the outset. i hope he doesn't have to move...he has so much furniture that it would be horrible for him--and i live so close to his current place that it would suck not to be so close.

tomorrow, though...back home, and then saturday it's back to the daily grind, back to work. i'm not looking forward to it, but at least it's almost time to move to st. louis.


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