Wednesday, July 20, 2005


my thoughts on scientology aren't anything particularly unlike what's been posted here...i think it's extremely cultish, and it's kind of scary to think that people actually buy into it as a religion.

one thing i know about it, and find creepy as all get out, is Sea Organization...or, basically, *research ships* (although not all of them are ships now)'s seen as one of the holiest duties that a scientologist can fulfill, serving in this way, but you have to sign a one billion year contract to serve in the corps. but, once you've signed the contract, the scientologist hierarchy can basically do anything they want to you...people who have done sea org and escaped have said they've been tortured, put in hazardous conditions, made to perform labour...and if you break any rules of scientology on these ships, you're sent to Rehabilitation Project Force...which is basically a scientologist work camp used to "correct" members of Sea Org who have gone astray by overworking them on projects such as fixing up scientology buildings. it's scary, it really has a concentration camp feel with the added idea that they're taking advantage of people they've brainwashed, and punishing them for becoming un-brainwashed.

on another scientology related's rather strange, there's a booth at the Galleria (a mall in St Louis, right near where i'm moving). it's located right as you walk in the main entrance. the booth is labeled "Dianetics", and they have signs for a "free stress test". all over the kiosk are copies of L. Ron Hubbard books. apparently this is not the only mall to have such booths (many major cities have the booths somewhere...). basically what they do is have you hold this meter that measures the conductivity of your skin, and as it jumps, they ask you what you're stressed about and try to sell you a copy of "Dianetics". it irks me when they try to portray scientology as honest psychology.


At 9:56 AM, Blogger nikki the red said...

i've never heard of the research ships. what exactly is that all about?

At 11:56 AM, Blogger nicolle said...

i've tried to do some research on that on the internet, and even the scientology websites are really, really vague as to what they *do* in Sea doesn't say what they research, all i can find is that the people who join sea org are seen as leaders, and proxy to more of the higher-up teachings of scientology. it's all scarily vague.


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