Wednesday, September 28, 2005


well, kids, i'm back from punta cana. go here for pictures!!! i have a few more to add later. i had a fabulous time. i went snorkeling with sharks, parasailed, held starfish, slept on the beach, got my hair braided. . . LOVED IT!! go on an all-inclusive!! i'm telling you--it's the most relaxing place i've ever gone. you don't have to worry about paying for food or drinks or driving anywhere. if you go anywhere, they take you. i got my cheap vacation at . check them out the next time you're ready for a vacation. i will never go on another vacation that is not all-inclusive.

in other news, i'm working hard on rocky. i think i may also end up being the choreographer for the show as well, since ours never shows up. this would be wonderful, except i severely hurt my left ankle the night before we left the resort. yea.

for the end of rocky, we're doing an s&m theme and here are the pants i bought. i'm bidding on this shirt to go with them. what do you think?

now, please, tell me what's going on with all of you!!


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