Thursday, January 27, 2005

Holy crapola

Nikki, nikki, and nicholle. And Erin. =) What fun it is to be the odd one out. So, nesting, nesting. Four weddings so far planned this year. Two births. One adoption. Then there's me! I am very happy for all of the people in my life, but goodness I need to start working at a day care or something....get over the desire to have one of my own!!! I think the next thing I am "throwing myself into" is going to be real estate. I enjoy it, and will have the money in a few months to take the classes and get liscensed. Then, even if I do not practice regularly, I can be there for friends and family. Sounds like they will need me, with all the family expansion =) But, I think its good to keep your mind active, and a few classes may just do the trick. What do you guys think?

Thought for the day. Boys are stupid. Get an email from someone on a personals site that lives an hour away and said he very rarely comes to my town. Now, maybe I am being too picky, but to start a relationship with someone far away is much different than starting a relationship and then being separated by the miles. I don' t know how I feel about a weekend relationship. But I guess its a step in the right direction. Have a great weekend, all! =)


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