Monday, May 23, 2005

new member

please welcome anna as our newest member. here's some info she sent me about herself in an email. sounds like a cool chick to me!! "I'm 24, a recovering anorexic now in school to be an eating disorder therapist, and I live with my boyfriend and our 16-ish fish (they had babies). It seemed like you could use a West Coast girl (I live in L.A.). :) I grew up in CO, I have 3 sisters, (1 older, 2 younger), and besides psychology, my interests run more towards the artsy side-dance, music, (I sing and play the piano), crafts (knitting, sewing, etc.). I love to read and I live for chocolate. I work at a bank. P.S. Also, I'm not a Nikki or Nicholle. :)"



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