Tuesday, January 31, 2006

law school...that's about it, really.

oh law school, you own my soul. the crazy thing is that lately that fact is looking more and more worth it.

my grades are in. my contracts grade and my writing grade were not all that spectacular, but my property grade was happy, and my torts grade was enough to make me want to declare myself the queen of torts. (yes, i do realise that i am alluding to a bad john grisham novel there.) put it all together, and my grade point average isn't half bad. i'm in the top ten percent of my class, but i'm not at my goal: the top five percent. still, i'm within striking distance...a good next semester or two can feasibly do it.

i also found out today that i got an interview for a summer job with the missouri state public defender today. such a quick turnaround there...i submitted my bid for that interview on friday, the notifications for who got picked were sent out today, and then the interviews are thursday and friday. i'm interviewing thursday...and this is really exciting, since i am seriously considering work as a public defender as my actual career, once i graduate law school. i want the trial experience, and i'm a true believer in the concept that everyone, regardless of income, regardles of actual innocence or guilt, deserves to have a hardworking attorney on their side. the work seems like something i would love, something i would feel good about. still, i'd love to have a summer working in the office to make sure that it's my thing before i take any irrevocable steps toward that being my life's work.

and then there's trial team. trial team, that i spend more time on than class, because it's that much more fun and interesting. i got bitten by the mock trial bug in college, competed for three years and coached it on my year off last year, and now i compete on the law school team. work on the current problem, this unbelievably dense tort and premises liability case about a broken piece of construction equipment, began the week before school resumed for the winter. we practice all day saturday and sunday, and then monday and tuesday nights, plus more practices as the tournament draws nearer. (last week we practiced friday afternoon.) our regional is the first weekend in march...it's do or die, since only one team from it gets to advance to the national. i sure do hope it's us...because competing at nationals would be awesome. the case is pulling together well...but we've got a lot of work to do, and only about five more weeks to do it.

am i busy? yes. but, finally, things appear to be falling in line. this law thing may work out after all.


At 3:33 PM, Blogger nikki the red said...

i'm glad school is going so well for you~!!


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