Monday, June 12, 2006

still alive!

i swear. since jan 15th or so, i've been back in rape counseling once a week. i also completed a 10-week group program for rape survivors. i've spent the past 5 months dealing with this beast in the most intense ways, but i think it's finally beginning to pay off. i've barely been able to make it through work some days, let alone keep up on web sites & such. i am still alive though, and getting much better!!! as my therapist told me, i'm at the top of the mountain now, looking down, so to speak. the climb up was a long tortuous one. the only place i've really been online is my new rape support website. & the message board

anna--there's a section on eating disorders. if you ever want to join and moderate that forum, let me know!

how has everyone been?

my bf and i bought a house. that was both exciting AND stressful for me.


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