Saturday, May 28, 2005

Checking In...

Checking in again...I'm really bad at remembering to blog, but I'm here reading!

Glad to see you here, Anna! I'm down in Virginia for the summer to work with orientation at a university down here. I really love this campus, it's quite beautiful. The past couple of days, I've been reading outside by one of our (many) fountains, and working on my tan/burn :) I'm hoping I can go back to IL with some decent color, since I'm usually so horribly white.

I was thinking earlier today about the different trips that I'd like to take...I'd definitely like to hit the ocean, and I'm planning to go to NYC at some point in time (I've got a friend that's working up at NYU that'll host me), plus I'll be going to a conference in North Carolina near the end of my time here.

Issues that have popped up here...

Weight stuff...Nicolle, I'm really in the same boat as you size wise, although I've never been able to successfully hold myself to any type of diet thus motivation to, I guess. I'm trying to be more healthy lately though - but not by "dieting," by learning to eat better and exercise more. Sometimes I do well, other times I don't. I have access to the rec center here, I just need to drag myself over there and start running :-P The frustration that I do have is my hips, and those really aren't going to change, so I need to get over that :(

Update on my old stuff - I put the deposit down on the apartment with my coworker, and I'll sign the lease when I get back to IL. I'll save about $100 on rent, which will definitely be nice. I think my goal might actually be to try to put at least some of that $$ into my savings account through the semester so I can have money to job search in the spring.

Men...hah! I haven't dated since....god, junior year of college (so, 2 1/2 years ago)?! It's been a while. But then, on the other hand, there hasn't really been anyone that I've wanted to date. I don't date just to date. Maybe I shouldn't care, but why waste my time on someone that I see no potential (for marriage) in from the beginning? I just don't see the point...But I guess I shouldn't be so concerned. I'm 22 (well, 23 in a couple of months), so I have plenty of time to worry about marriage later.


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